There is no need to spend fortunes cleaning and storing your vintage fur coats with professionals as there is not a big market for vintage furs at the moment.
If your fur has been stored away in a cupboard or kist for years, my suggestion would be take it out of the cover firstly and air it outside in a cool space ( no direct sunlight). Then take it and give it a good shake.

Now you take it and turn it inside out – roll it up and place it in a pillowcase or something similar made of fabric ( no plastic). You then place it in your freezer (NOT FRIDGE) away from any foodstuffs, and if you have a few furs or not enough room buy a small freezer (it is the price of one months storage).
Your fur never freezes it only gets cold, so you need to take it out approx 20min before you want to wear it – again give it a gentle shake to fluff up the pile and you’re ready to go.
Never allow your fur to be submerged in water as this destroys the leather, so should you have a power failure take your fur out of the deep freeze immediately and dry it in a cool place.

We also offer elegant fabric fur covers – price on request .

Plus a fur cleaning/ rejuvenating service – price on request depending on length.
( please note this does not remove makeup or stains, however WhatsApp me and I’ll do my best to assist should you have any other queries.

I seldom buy vintage furs, I usually take them on consignment.
Send me images on WhatsApp and I will advise from there.

If it is an endangered species such as Leopard I can also assist in advice on what permits you require and where to go.

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